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Boy Names Meaning Leader. Web ariabood the name ariabood is of persian origintribe leader. Also spelled aidan, this name comes from the old irish moniker aodhán, which means “little fire.” if you’re looking for powerful boy names with a touch.

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Ashur.“ruler of the gods” 4. Web explore baby girl and boy names that mean “leader” gender: L eader baby names and what they.

Also Spelled Aidan, This Name Comes From The Old Irish Moniker Aodhán, Which Means “Little Fire.” If You’re Looking For Powerful Boy Names With A Touch.

Web names that mean leader thu oct 10 2019 by nameberry share copy link guy origin: Web richard the name richard means dominant leader or ruler and has ancient roots. Boy name name origin boy name meaning;

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But how about choosing names that mean strength, warrior, war leader,. Meaning leader of the masses. Web from a title meaning chief, leader, derived from persian سر (sar) meaning head, authority and the suffix دار (dar) meaning possessor.

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While the letters are all there for the trendy nickname kai, this name is. Serhan m turkish derived from. The patron saint of comedians.

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Most popular ricardo dax dayana duke arlet ricky ameerah deanna andromeda. The name arkan is of urdu originesteemed people, pillars of society, leaders, and literally means pillars, corners. This is a german name that started as a boy's name and later became a popular choice.

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Web baby boy names that mean leader or ruler 1. Browse babycenter for more baby name ideas that you will love. Check out the list of names from around the world meaning leader for baby boys and girls.