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Danielle Meaning Of Name. Meaning god has judged, or god is judge. Web the meaning of the name “danielle” is:

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Says the name danielle means young, kind, feminine version of daniel,. Babycenter user data popularity over time babies per million source: What does the name danielle mean?

Danielle Means “God Is My Judge” (From Hebrew “Dan/דָּן” = To Judge Or “Din/דִּין” = Law +.

Web the name danielle is an nigerian baby name. The name danielle first became popular in france in the early 20th century, and it quickly spread throughout europe and eventually made its. Web danielle is the french female variant of the male name daniel, meaning god is my judge in the hebrew language.

Web Danielle Is A Modern French Female Variant Of The Male Name Daniel, Meaning God Is My Judge In The Hebrew Language.

Web letter analysis life lesson & challenge: Danielle andrea harris (born june 1, 1977) is an american television and film actress, known for her roles in four films in the halloween series. English speaking countries, french speaking countries.

Feminine Form Of Daniel Different Spellings Of The Name Danielle:

Meaning god has judged, or god is judge. A submission from alabama, u.s. The name appears in the bible, where daniel survives a night in a den of lions.

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Web in french baby names the meaning of the name danielle is: Web what is the meaning of the name danielle the name danielle is commonly a unisex name from the hebrew origin that means god is my judge, abbreviated feminine form of daniel. French feminine form of daniel.

Danielle Is A Name That Represents A Tendency To Exhibit Extremes In Terms Of Material Success.

What does the name danielle mean? The true meaning of ‘danielle’ cannot be described with just a few words. Web danielle origin and meaning.