Elias Name Meaning Arabic. Class of people who live in illiyyeen, those who have the highest. Meaning of the elias is name of one prophet.

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Web famous people named elias. Web elias is a arabic boy name that has a deep meaning and positive significance on a baby. Web 4 rows meaning of elias.

Web Meaning Of Elia Is Noble, Elevated, Exulted, Sublime, Elevated, Lofty, High, A Women Of Highest Social Standing.

Class of people who live in illiyyeen, those who have the highest. Male variations are often ellis, elia, eliane, elie, elijah, elijas, eliou, elis, and helis. Of course, elias and elijah both have biblical roots, meaning the strong lord, jehovah is god,.

It Is Also The Name Of A Prophet And.

High status, exalted, sublime and superb. Usage portuguese, german, swedish, norwegian,. • éilias irish
• elia italian, english
• elias norwegian
• elías icelandic
• éliás hungarian

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إلياس) is a muslim boys names. It is of greek and hebrew origin, and the meaning of elias is jehovah is god. Web a quranic name for boys and girls meaning:

Answer This Is An Official Answer By Quranicnames.com Staff Elyas Is Another Spelling Of The Quranic Name Elias, Which Is.

Other languages & cultures elias ( amharic) ilyas ( arabic) ilyes. Web 4 rows meaning of elias. Elias is a arabic muslim name views :

Web What Is The Meaning Of Elyas?

Elias is believed to be a variant of the biblical name elijah which means “the lord is my god.”. Female variations include iliana, ellie,. Web eliyas is a direct quranic name for boys that refers to one of the prophets mentioned in the quran, who is also mentioned in the bible.