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Female Names Meaning Smart. We think it would sound better as a middle name than the first name. Zakiya, zakiyah, zakiyya or zakieh may represent two different female given names of arabic origin, meaning “pure”, corresponding the male name, meaning.

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Web ethelind is a german name, meaning ‘intelligent’. What are some boy names that mean smart? Web these names are modern as well as unique.

Zakiya, Zakiyah, Zakiyya Or Zakieh May Represent Two Different Female Given Names Of Arabic Origin, Meaning “Pure”, Corresponding The Male Name, Meaning.

Web naming your baby girl a name with smart meaning can affect positively on her life later according to these studies. Web female names that mean smart (girl) male names that mean smart (boy) baby names that mean smart japanese names that mean smart korean. Alden (english origin) meaning old, wise friend.

Aakil (Hindi Origin) Meaning Smart, Intelligent.

Girl name name origin girl name meaning; Web these baby names that mean smart run the gamut and work for both boys and for girls. Web along with sophia, other girl names with smart meanings in the us top 1000 include athena, phoebe, ramona, sage, plus sofia and sophie.

Farzana A Muslim Name For Girls Meaning “Intelligent,” Farzana Is Simple To.

Web 99 names that mean smart by jennely pershouse updated october 13, 2023 these smart baby names will coach you into making a wise name choice for your. Take a look at the options and find a great name for your child. Web girl names meaning smart;

Web Girl Names That Mean Smart.

Aim for the stars and set your sights on baby girl names that represent intelligence and wisdom. Web ethelind ethelind is a highly unique name that means smart or intelligent. Web what name means intelligent for a girl?

Web These Names Are Modern As Well As Unique.

For baby names, this is a great option. It is a suitable alternative to evelyn and similar names that were popular in past years. We think it would sound better as a middle name than the first name.