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Imogen Meaning Of Name. Innogen is known as the name of a legendary british queen and was supposedly wife to king brutus and mother of locrinus, albanactus and camber. Web in english the meaning of the name imogen is:

Baby Girl Name Imogen. Meaning Innocent. Origin English. http//www

He based her on a legendary character. Web imogen as a girls’ name is of irish and gaelic origin, and the meaning of imogen is maiden. Name imogen is of celtic origin and is a unisex name.

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It is possible that the name imogen may have originated as an accidental or deliberate misspelling of the name innogen, itself a possibly common irish gaelic name in the past, from the word 'inghean' meaning maiden or girl, or a british celtic name derived from the latin innocentia. Imogen has long been fashionable in england and is gaining favor in the us among stylish parents. Imogen has spent many years popular in england and australia.

The Name Of The Daughter Of King Cymbeline In The Play Cymbeline (1609) By William Shakespeare.

English names, literary characters names, shakespeare names. Web the name imogen is an jamaican baby name. Web according to a user from the united kingdom, the name imogen is of english origin and means the innocent one and is derived from the shakespearean name inogen.

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Name imogen in the celtic origin, means. Web meaning & history. Web the name imogen is a girl's name of celtic origin meaning maiden.

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How common is the name imogen. Imogen comes from the celtic innogen, from. It is derived from the celtic name innogen, meaning “maiden” or “daughter.” the name gained attention.

The Name Imogen Is Primarily A Female Name Of English Origin That Means Innocent, Girl.

Web of uncertain origin and meaning, imogen was first recorded as the name of the heroine in shakespeare's play cymbeline. Popularity of the name imogen in 39 countries, origin and meaning of the name imogen In jamaican origin the meaning of name imogen is :