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Japanese Name Meaning Star. 星 (399) 歳 (58) 眺 (1) sort by: This name means “star” in japanese, making it a perfect choice for parents looking for a simple yet meaningful name.

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Web learn the meaning and origin of 46 japanese names for girls that are related to the word star. Kanjis containing the meaning of star are below. The name is perfect for your baby boy or.

Meaning “Bright” Or “Clear” 2.

This is a baby girl’s name of japanese origin, meaning “bright star.”. Find out the kanji characters, variations, and pronunciation of each. Web see also star meaning hoshi 星, ほし f japanese from japanese 星 ( hoshi) meaning star or other kanji with the same pronunciation.

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Naming holds great significance in japanese culture, and. Meaning “radiance” or “shine” 6. Meaning “light” or “radiance” 5.

Meaning “Glittering” Or “Sparkling” 7.

Web learn about the meanings and origins of 50 japanese names that start with the letter s, such as hoshichiro, kensei, and seira. Hoshi (星) has been used in japan since ancient times to refer to. Web japanese boy names meaning 'star'.

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Meaning “love” and “bright” 3. Web japanese names with meanings related to “star” are relatively rare, but they can carry a. 星 (399) 歳 (58) 眺 (1) sort by: