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Japanese Names That Mean Blue. Web ayahiko, koushi, and ayahito are a few japanese names meaning 'brilliant.'. Web 111 rows 1106 japanese baby names with meanings a perfect blend of traditional and modern names, from aki to yuna!

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Refers to the blue/black color of many. One knesset member, yulia malinovsky, accused hamas of “raping women in. Web explore 327 japanese last names meaning ‘blue’.

Web 44.Qing (Chinese Origin), This Name Means 'Aqua Coloured'.

After the super sayian in the hit manga series, dragonball z. 45.ruka (japanese origin), this short and sweet name means 'bright blue flower'. Web the basics of japanese names.

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Japanese names often carry deep cultural significance and are inspired by various elements, including nature, mythology, and aesthetics. 9 yuzuki 55 views 夕蒼 夕 means evening, dusk. 蒼 means blue, pale, unripe. 308 more vars haruka 23 views 青佳 青 means blue, green, young. 佳 means excellent,. Explore 597 japanese boy names meaning ‘blue’.

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Web top 9 japanese names meaning blue: Web common anime words in english, we have the colors white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange. Sora is a popular name for both boys and girls in japan.

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Nami means waves as well. Web find out the meanings and origins of japanese names, such as katsuki, katsuya, and katsunori. 碧 (13) 蒼 (12) 藍 (7) 青 (3) sort by:

Refers To The Blue/Black Color Of Many.

Explore 1,105 japanese first names meaning 'blue'. Web in japanese, this name means “justice.”. Web explore 327 japanese last names meaning 'blue'.