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Kassandra Meaning Of Name. In homer's 'the iliad' cassandra's prediction of the fall of troy was unheeded. Web cassandra, also spelt kassandra, is a feminine given name of greek origin.

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The meaning, origin and history of the given name kassandra. Kasandra as a girls’ name has its root in greek, and the meaning of the name kasandra is shining upon man. The enchanting name kassandra is a modern variant of the greek form of cassandra.

Kassandra Is Actually The Original Form Of Cassandra (Greek Names Do Not Have C S), Though Most Will See It As.

Name kassandra is of greek origin and is a girl name. In greek mythology kassandra was the daughter of king priam. The meaning of kassandra is helper of man.

The Meaning, Origin And History Of The Given Name Kassandra.

The name is also associated with the meaning “she who. Learn more with our free. Web origin, meaning, and history of kassandra.

Web The Name Kassandra Is A Girl's Name Of Greek Origin.

Kassandra is a variant form of the name cassandra (english and german). People who like the name kassandra also like:. “kaínumi (καίνυμι) kékasmai (κέκασμαι)” (excel, surpass,.

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Kassandra is a beautiful greek name that has a rich history and meaning. What is the origin of the name kassandra? In legend, a trojan princess with the gift of prophecy.

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Web kassandra is a ♀ girl’s name. The meaning of the name “kassandra” is: Contemporary variants are based on some of the.