Kinsley Meaning Of Name

Kinsley Meaning Of Name. Kinsley as a boys' name is of old english derivation, and the name kinsley means king's meadow. Kinsley means from the king's meadow.

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The meaning of the name kinsley is: Spelling variants of the name are also well use… Belonging to an english origin, the meaning of kinsley is ‘king’s meadow’ or ‘royal wood clearing’ and is derived from the olde english name, kingsley. it is.web

What Is The Origin Of The Name Kinsley?

The name means “the king of the forest, king’s wood”. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names.web What is the meaning of the name kinsley?

Kinsley Has Its Origins In The English Language.

The name kinsley is a girl’s name of english origin meaning king’s meadow. Kingsley is both a surname and a given name. See the popularity of the baby girl’s name kinsley over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in babycenter’s baby names tool.web

The Name Kinsley Means 'King's Meadow'.

A playful twist on kinsley; Kinsley, a name that straddles the line between cute and classy, continues to rise in popularity and is now one of the top girls' names starting with k. Kinsley means from the king's meadow.

Kinsley Is A ♀ Girl’s Name.

Celtic names, irish names, surnames names used in: Kinsley derived from an english medieval surname originating from a place name (kyneslay).web 4 submissions from georgia, u.s.

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The name has increased in popularity in english speaking countries such as the united states, where it first ranked among the top 1,000 names for newborn girls in 2005 and has ranked among the top 100 names for newborn girls since 2016. Exploring names with similar sounds or spelling patterns can open up a variety of options while retaining the charm that attracted.web Kinsley is a given name of english origin that is a transferred use of an english place name and surname.