Leif Meaning Of Name

Leif Meaning Of Name. Leif as a boys' name is pronounced life, layf, leef. Web leif is a scandinavian name, which means 'heir', 'descendant' (via the old norse name leifr).

Who names their kid Leif?? Lol, but I like the idea of putting the

Web what does leif mean? The name leif is usually given to a boy. And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, heir.

Web What Is The Meaning Of The Name Leif?

Web leif is a boy’s name of scandinavian origin, meaning “heir, descendant, beloved”. Scandinavian in origin, leif stems from the old norse leifr and means. Leif is one of the most recognizable scandinavian names, thanks to.

Leif's Language Of Origin Is Old Norse.

The name leif is an swedish baby name. Symbolism of the name leif: The meaning of the name leif is:

Web What Does The Name Leif Mean?

The latest number of usa births for leif as a boy was in 2017 with 217 births. Web see the popularity of the baby boy's name leif over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in babycenter's baby names tool. Name leif in the scandinavian, old norse, norwegian origin, means a descendant, a.

And We Are Pleased To Let You Know That We Found The Meaning Of Your Name, Heir.

Web leif is a scandinavian name, which means 'heir', 'descendant' (via the old norse name leifr). Submit the meaning of this forename for a chance to win a $60. Old norse name meaning beloved. + 30% this year.

It Is Of Scandinavian Origin, And The Meaning Of Leif Is Heir;

Web meaning of the name leif. A descendant, a person who is going to inherit, a descendant, a person who is going. What is the meaning of the name leif?