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Lopez Meaning Of Name. In the us it is the twelfth most frequent. Web lopez is a male given name and is of spanish origin.

Lopez First Name Personality & Popularity

Web what is the origin and meaning of the last name lopez? Web what does the name lopez mean? Web lopez is an uncommon baby name in united states where it had been in use since 1915 and peaked in 1915 when it ranked 3392nd.

Web A Submission From Nevada, U.s.

Web the name lopez is composed of two elements: This name is usually used as a surname. Web type surname (from given name) usage spanish.

Patronymic From The Medieval Personal Name Lope ‘Wolf’.

This word was likely brought over by the visigoths, who ruled the country from the fifth to. Web the silver or white color on the coat of arms, (known as ‘argent’), signifies sincerity and peacefulness. This is one of the commonest of all spanish surnames.

This Is One Of The Commonest Of All Spanish Surnames.

The name is currently not in the top 1000 of namechef most popular baby names and not in the top. Web lopez is a male given name and is of spanish origin. Web the name lopez is primarily a male name of spanish origin that means son of lope/lobe.

In The Us, It Is The Twelfth Most Frequent.

Also, lopez is a familiar name in. Spanish in origin, the name lopez is typically given to boys and means son of lope/lobe names related to lopez lang name meaning. Web entourage insight this name will often be surrounded by radiant and focused people, moreover, one needs to be mindful of unethical and fidgety people.

Web It Denotes A Pattern That Assists You In Growth And Development:

According to a user from new. Lobe means wolf. george lopez, comedian/actor. The surname lopez is a patronymic name deriving from the given name lope.