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Marlena Meaning Of Name. It translates to “woman from magdala,” which was an ancient jewish city. Marlena is thought to be a derivative of the baby names madeline and mary.

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In hebrew baby names the meaning of the name. People having the name marlena are in general. Marlena is a name that’s been used by.

Marlena Is A Feminine Given Name That Originated From The Combination Of The Names Maria And Magdalena.

Marlena is of hebrew and. Web marlena is english, german, hebrew given name meaning marlena is a variant of madeline and means woman from magdala.. Marleena is a variant form of marlene (german, latin, greek).

The Meaning Of The Name Marleena Is Star Of The Sea;

Marlena is a variant form of madeline (hebrew): Web people think this name is rate · details classic mature formal upper class wholesome strong refined strange complex serious Web marlena in pop culture.

The Color Red, Suggesting Charm And Extroversion, Is Associated With Temperaments That Have A Spontaneous And Energetic Nature.

Marlena is thought to be a derivative of the baby names madeline and mary. Find the complete details of marlena name on babynamescube, the most trusted source for baby name. Web this name is a combination (composed, blended name) of “maria” and “magdalene.” it is of hebrew origin and comes from the following roots:

Web Marlena As A Name For Girls Is A Hebrew Name, And The Meaning Of Marlena Is Woman From Magdala;

Marlena is a german girl name, which has 7 letters. Marlena is also a variation of marlene (german, latin,. Web in german baby names the meaning of the name marlena is:

Marlena Is A Feminine Name Of Polish, German, And Hebrew Origins, And It Primarily Means ‘Woman From Magdala.’.

Web marlena is a girl name, meaning woman from magdala in finnish origin. Because their exact meanings are unknown, the exact. Web meaning of the name marlena.