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Meaning Of Aviana Name. Web what does aviana mean? Web the name aviana is a girl's name of latin origin meaning bird.

Aviana Name Meaning, Origin, History, And Popularity

Derivative of the name avian. The meaning of aviana is “bearer of good news”. Web origin of the name aviana (complete history) understanding the name aviana.

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It has been a popular name for girls in greenland in recent years. Ana, the name that it was taken from, is a past. Entry added december 14, 2019.

The Meaning, Origin And History Of The Given Name Aviana.

Derived from the word “avis,” meaning. Web the baby girl name aviana is of english origin. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl, aviana might be the perfect choice.

Web The Name Aviana Is A Girl's Name Of Latin Origin Meaning Bird.

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Web What Is The Meaning Of The Name Aviana?

Web a modern blend of the names ava and ana, the name aviana is of latin origin meaning 'like a bird' and 'bearer of good news'. People with the name aviana will need to learn in life that success is not only about hard work or luck. Save this name to your favorites list save to favorites how to pronounce.

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Blend of ava and ana. Meaning of aviana is modern blend of ava and ana. Aviana is a name with deep roots and a profound meaning.