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Meaning Of Azra Name. Share the meaning of azra is : Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information.web

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What is the meaning of the name azra? It also refers to a pearl that’s whole, that hasn’t been touched by making a hole in it to be used in a necklace. Possible form of ezra or azriel.web

A Name Of Slavic Origin That Means “Virgin” Or “Maiden.” It Has A Similar Sound To Ezra And Could Be A Good Alternative If You’re Looking For Something A Little.web

Name azra is of turkish origin and is a girl name. The meaning of the name “azra” is: According to 2 people from the united kingdom and turkey, the name azra is of turkish origin and means virgin, pure.

The Ezra Of The Bible Was A Jewish Priest Who Helped Reintroduce The Torah To The Jewish People Who.web

Meaning “virgin”, azra is a popular name throughout turkey, bosnia and herzegovina, and croatia. The name azra is a girl’s name meaning virgin. 1 person with name azra has following quality:

Name Azra In The Turkish Origin, Means The One Who Is A Virgin ;

It is a short name with 4 letters, and the popularity rank of the name azra.web People with name azra are.web Discover the origin, popularity, azra name meaning, and names related to azra with mama natural’s fantastic baby names.web

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Azra?

Entry updated june 9, 2023. The meaning of azra is ‘pure’. Azra is a perennial favorite arabic name for girls in turkey, bosnia and croatia.

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Azra is a muslim girl name with arabic origins. The meaning of the name azra is: Azra is a girl’s name with arabic origins.