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Meaning Of Chantal Name. Web the name chantal is primarily a female name of french origin that means made of stone. This french name holds a deep historical significance and carries a plethora of.

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Web what does chantal mean? A submission from pennsylvania, u.s. Web chantal is a girl name, meaning place name, stony place in hindu origin.

Web The Name “Chantal” Is Of French Origin.

Web explore the name chantal, its origin, popularity, meaning and variations. Originally a french habitational surname. See also the related categories, english, nuns (priestess), song (dance), dutch,.

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Dig into our huge database of 70,000+ baby names for that one perfect pick chantal. People with name chantal are usually. It represents the transferred use of the geographic name and the surname as a given name.

Chantal Meaning, Chantal Popularity, Chantal Hieroglyphics, Chantal Numerology, And Other Interesting Facts.

This name derives from the french (provençal) place name and surname “cantal,” meaning “stone, stony place,”. It is an expressive and lyrical name that conveys beauty and passion. It’s a name commonly given to girls.

In French Baby Names The Meaning Of The Name Chantal Is:

From a french surname that was derived from a place name meaning stony. Chantal is a very popular first name. Name chantal is of french origin and is a girl name.

The Saint Married The Baron De Chantal,.

It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages. Web meaning & history. See also the related form, marie chantal.