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Meaning Of Eileen Name. Eileen is a name of. And then, in 2012, it took an unexpected pivot and has.

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Web eileen most likely originates in greek language and means torch of light. Old french origin, english and irish use: It is an irish form of helen.

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This gaelic name is the old irish translation of aveline. From the name eibhlin, derived from evelyn or evelina. Web english variant of the french aveline, a name derived from the germanic avila, which is thought to be a latinate form of aveza, a name ultimately of uncertain meaning.

Origins Of The Name Eileen.

Web eileen is used mostly in the english, irish, and gaelic languages. The short form of angela / angelique and is of gaelic origin. Eileen marie collins (born november 19, 1956) is a retired nasa astronaut and united states air force colonel.

Web Eileen Most Likely Originates In Greek Language And Means Torch Of Light.

Web in irish baby names the meaning of the name eileen is: Web in this article, we will explore the name eileen in depth, including its origins, meaning, and cultural significance. It is also sometimes considered an irish form of helen.

Web Eileen Name Meaning:

Web eileen is a girl name, meaning form of helen. Eileen meaning, eileen popularity, eileen hieroglyphics, eileen numerology, and other interesting facts. Old french origin, english and irish use:

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People [ edit ] artists [ edit ] Web anglicized form of eibhlín. Listen and learn how to pronounce eileen so you can get the correct pronunciation for this girl name.