Meaning Of Ignatius Name. Web in greek baby names the meaning of the name ignatius is: “the ardent one,” from the latin ignire, to set on fire.

Ignatius First Name Personality & Popularity

Web the name ignatius is primarily a male name of latin origin that means fiery one. Derived from the latin name “ignatius,” which means “fiery” or “ardent,” it carries a sense of. Web the name ignatius means fiery one. and is of latin origin.

It Is More Often Used As A Boy (Male) Name.

Name ignatius in the latin origin, means. Web the baby boy name ignatius is of english origin. Saint ignatius of loyola was the founder of the.

From The Roman Family Name Egnatius, Meaning Unknown, Of Etruscan Origin.

St ignatius of loyola, who founded the. Web the name ignatius is a boy’s name of latin origin meaning fiery. People having the name ignatius are in general originating from.

From Where Does The Surname Originate?

Derived from the latin name “ignatius,” which means “fiery” or “ardent,” it carries a sense of. The spelling was later altered to resemble latin ignis fire. Web meaning & history.

Ignatius, Of Latin Origin, Is A Popular First Name.

Web ignatius, a name steeped in history and meaning, finds its origins in ancient rome. What does the name ignatius mean? The name ignatius is derived from the latin name ignatius, which means 'fiery' or 'passionate'.

Web Ignatius Is Latin Given Name Meaning The Name Ignatius Is Of Latin Origin And Is Derived From The Word Ignis, Meaning Fire.

Irish , american , greek , latin , portuguese. Web 124 rows ignatius forename meaning. Web meaning of ignatius name :