Meaning Of Liliana Name. Web the meaning of the name “liliana” is: Web famous people with name liliana (namesakes) liliana mumy.

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Web lists ask your friends & family about liliana… liliana name popularity how popular is the name liliana? Web liliana meaning and origin of the name liliana:. This melodious and feminine latin variation of the lily family is a favorite in the hispanic community and would work beautifully with an anglo surname as well.

The Name Liliana Is Of Latin Origin And It Means 'Lily' The Flower, Which Is A Symbol Of Innocence And Purity As Well As.

It derives from the ancient greek name elisábet. Liliana is primarily considered for baby girl names names. Web the meaning, origin and history of the given name liliana.

Web Lists Ask Your Friends & Family About Liliana… Liliana Name Popularity How Popular Is The Name Liliana?

The name liliana is derived from the latin word “lilium,” which means “lily.” the lily. Liliana berry davis mumy (born april 16, 1994) is an american actress. Symbolism of the name liliana:.

Web Liliana Meaning And Origin Of The Name Liliana:.

Web liliana means noble. The name liliana is usually given to a girl. What does the name liliana mean?

Web Meaning Of The Name Liliana.

Liliana meaning, liliana popularity, liliana hieroglyphics, liliana numerology, and other interesting facts. Web the name liliana means “lily, a flower” and is of spanish and italian origin. The hebrew form of elizabeth, holy and sacred to god.

Web Liliana Is A Variant Of The Girl’s Name Lillian, Which Derived From The Hebrew Name Elizabeth.

And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, lily. Web the name liliana is a girl's name of spanish, italian origin meaning lily, a flower. Web the baby girl name liliana is of italian origin.