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Meaning Of Name Addilyn. Variant of adeline using the popular name suffix lyn. Æthel), meaning “noble,” native german short form of names containing.

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Web in the case of adeline, which is a diminutive of adele, the name comes from the germanic element “adal” meaning “noble”. Web the name addilyn is primarily a female name of american origin that means combination of ada and lynn. A modern spin on adeline, addilyn is gaining traction with parents.

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It combines the old german root adal. Baby name meaning, origin, popularity, more. It is most commonly used.

It Consists Of 7 Letters And 3 Syllables And Is Pronounced.

The meaning of addilyn is noble. Web the name addilyn is of english origin. Name addilyn is of german origin and.

French Pet Form Of Adela.

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Web the name addilyn is ranked on the 9,227th position of the most used names. Web addilyn as a name for girls is of old german origin, and the meaning of addilyn is noble. Addilynn is an alternate form of adeline (old german):

Addilyn Is A Variant Form Of Adeline (Old German):

Web explore the name addilyn, its origin, popularity, meaning and variations. Web the meaning of addilyn is : Addilyn is generally used as a girl's name.