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Meaning Of Name Alix. Alix is a popular first name. It is also of english origin, where its meaning is nickname for names beginning with.

Alix First Name Personality & Popularity

People with name alix are usually by religion. *aþalaz *haiduz > adalhaid / adalhaidis > aalis meaning:* it is a feminine given name used in different. And is of greek origin.

It Is More Often Used As A Unisex (Male And Female) Name.

A feminine form of alexander meaning defender of men, used in britain since early 13th century; Unisex (male and female) usage: Variant of alex, and used as a feminine name, possibly influenced by alice.

Keep In Mind That Many Names May Have Different Meanings In Other Countries And Languages, So Be Careful.

Alix’s origin is old greek and germanic, and its use, english, greek, and. Web medieval french variant of alice, also sometimes used as a masculine name. Web baby names first names letter a ( boy) letter a ( girl) name alix name alix name alix between 1880 and 2022 there were 45,041 births of alix in the countries below,.

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Alexandra, last empress of russia, was known to. Mon oct 09 2023 by linda rosenkrantz. Name alix is of chinese origin and is a girl name.

It Is Also Of English Origin, Where Its Meaning Is Nickname For Names Beginning With.

Alix is a short french unisex. Web what does alix mean? People with name alix are usually by religion.

Although Sometimes Used In The Us As A.

Web alix is a unisex given name. Banned in 2018 for claiming that the sandy hook school shooting was. Web what is the meaning of the name alix?