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Azarias) is the name of several people in the hebrew bible and jewish history, including: Web azariah (whom the lord helps) a common name in hebrew, and especially in the families of the priests of the line of eleazar, whose name has precisely the same meaning as. The name azariah is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of hebrew origin meaning helped by god.

Web Azariah (Whom The Lord Helps) A Common Name In Hebrew, And Especially In The Families Of The Priests Of The Line Of Eleazar, Whose Name Has Precisely The Same Meaning As.

Origin and meaning of azariah user submitted origins. God helps , yahweh has helped Web the meaning of azariah is “he whom god has helped”.

The Name Azariah Is Both A Boy's Name And A Girl's Name Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Helped By God.

Web what does azariah mean? Azariah is a rarely used. What is the meaning of the name azariah?

Web The Name Azariah (Pronounced Azar’yah In Hebrew) Is A Combination Of Two Words, The Verb עזר ( Ah.z.r, Strong's #5826), Meaning Help And The Name יה ( Yah, Strong's.

Web the name azariah means helped of god (jones' dictionary of old testament proper names), or yahweh has helped (nobse study bible name list, bdb theological dictionary), or more commonly the lord has helped (haw theological. “azar,” meaning “help” or “protected,” and “yah,” a shortened form of yahweh, the hebrew name for god. The name azariah is both a boy's name and a girl's name of hebrew origin meaning helped by god.

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Web a zriah as a boys' name is of hebrew origin, and the meaning of the name azriah is helped by god. Web the name azariah is composed of two elements: Click through to find out more information about the name.

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Web the name azaria means “helped by god.” it is derived from the male biblical name azariah, which combines the words “azar” and “yah,” meaning “help” and “god,”. She has a stunning sound and a glorious meaning, two things that always make a great name. Web what does the name azariah mean?