Meaning Of Name Corinne. Web a user from louisiana, u.s. Corinne is a girl's name.

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Web corinne means “maiden”, “girl” or “daughter” (from greek “kórē/κόρη”), but as well “little heart” (from latin “cor” = heart). Web meaning “maiden,” corinne is a timeless girl’s name that beholds french and greek origins. Corinne is a girl’s name.

Web Derived From The Greek Word “Korē,” Meaning Maiden Or Young Girl, Corinne Carries A Sense Of Youthful Vitality And Grace.

And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, maiden. The meaning of corinne is “maiden”. Web meanings french baby names meaning:

Web Meaning “Maiden,” Corinne Is A Timeless Girl’s Name That Beholds French And Greek Origins.

Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful. Web this name derives from the ancient greek “korínna (κορίννα),” which in turn derives from “kórē ‎(κόρη),” meaning “girl, young woman, maiden, bride, young wife,” and therefore. Web a user from louisiana, u.s.

The French Form Of Corinna, Now The More Common Form Of.

Web the name corinne is primarily a female name of french origin that means maiden. French form of corinna, also used in. Pronunciation of corinne german english.

Web The Name Corinne Is A Girl's Name Of French Origin Meaning Maiden.

Pronunciation of the name corinne the pronunciation of the. Corinne is a girl's name. Though not considered a particularly popular name, it may come as a.

Web Corinne Means “Maiden”, “Girl” Or “Daughter” (From Greek “Kórē/Κόρη”), But As Well “Little Heart” (From Latin “Cor” = Heart).

Web corinne is also an english and french form of the english, german, italian, and french corinna. Pronunciation of the name corinne: Great names for little feet to grow on for name starts with ends with contains meaning search by name super.