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Meaning Of Name Dudley. The meaning of the name “dudley” is: In english the meaning of the name dudley is:

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A user from north carolina, u.s. With mylo’s baby name finder, you can learn more about the meaning of the name dudley as well as its synonyms, religion, numerology, and other details. From a surname and place name derived from the old english, meaning ‘dudda’s.web

From The English Surname, Which Is From The Place Name In The West Midlands, Which Comes From The Old English.web

The name dudley has an english origin, which means “clearing in a forest clearing.”. A habitational surname from old english, notably of robert dudley, earl of leicester at the.web From a surname and place name derived from the old.web

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Name dudley in the english origin, means they lead and organize; The surname was borne by a british noble.web Says the name dudley is of english origin and means the name dudley is derived partially from a germanic root word ‘dudda’ meaning a.web

Attractive Yet Simple, The Name Is A Great Blend Of Character And Flair.

The name dudley is a boy's name of english origin meaning dudda's meadow. Dudley is used predominantly in english and its.web The name dudley is an english baby name.

Dudda Was An Old English Epithet, Maybe Means “Round.”.

The name was derived from the old english words for “dod,” which.web A user from north carolina, u.s. What is the meaning of the name dudley?

Aristocratic Family Name In England,.Web

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