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Meaning Of Name Eros. Web what does eros mean? Web the meaning of eros is :

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In greek mythology he was a young god, the son of aphrodite , who was armed with arrows that caused the victim to fall in love. Web eros the meaning & origin of the name eros. The origin of this name can be traced back to greek mythology.

Web What Is The Meaning Of The Name Eros?

Web meaning & history means love in greek. Learn more with our free. Eros' language of origin is old greek and it is.

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Eros meaning, eros popularity, eros hieroglyphics, eros numerology, and other interesting facts. Web what is the meaning of the name eros? How common is the name eros.

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This name derives from the ancient greek “éramai (ἔρᾰμαι) eráō (ἐρᾰ́ω) eratṓ (ἐρατώ) érōs (ἔρως)” meaning “love,. Web eros the meaning & origin of the name eros. The etymology of eros traces back to the.

The Origin Of This Name Can Be Traced Back To Greek Mythology.

People who like the name eros also. Web eros means bright and is of greek origin. 4,729th in the usa (top 15%) origin(s) for.

Eros, Derived From Greek Mythology, Is A Name That Holds Significant Meaning And Symbolism.

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