Meaning Of Name Fadi. The reason behind this meaning is because fadi.web An arabic name for jesus.

Fadi First Name Personality & Popularity

In muslim baby names the meaning of.web Fadi is a name that carries a powerful meaning. Fadi is a name that’s been used by parents who are considering boy baby names.

According To A User From Australia, The Name Fadi Is Of Arabic Origin.web

It is more often used as a boy name. No ranking of first name fadi (female) births over the last year available in each country. Says the name fadi means saviour.

Fadi Is A Very Popular First Name Of African Origin.

A submission from florida, u.s. Meanings arabic baby names meaning: Notable people with the name include:

It Is A Popular Name In The Middle East, Particularly In Lebanon And Syria.

A term used by arabic christians for fady. Transliteration 5,837 th most common name in the world approximately 179,860 people bear this name most prevalent in: Meaning, usage and numerology interpretation.web

The Name, Fadi Has Religious Connotations And Means “Redeemer”.

Fadi is a name that carries a powerful meaning. The redeemer, a person who redeemed.web Share the meaning of fadi is :

Derived From Fadi (Redeemer, Savior), Which Is From Fada (To Redeem).

An arabic name for jesus. Fadi is a boy name, meaning sacrificer, saviour in lebanese origin. Associated with arabic, savior (defender) variations.web