Meaning Of Name Ferris

Meaning Of Name Ferris. Besides, ferris derived from the english homophone.web What is the meaning of the name ferris?

Ferris Meaning of Name

Meanings celtic baby names meaning: What is the meaning of the name ferris? The name ferris is primarily a male name of english origin that means from ferrieres, france.

Besides, Ferris Derived From The English Homophone.web

Name ferris is of irish,.web Character analysis of ferris : It is more often used as a boy (male) name.

The Name Ferris Is A Boy's Name Of Irish Origin Meaning Strong Man Or Ironworker.

Ferris is an irish variant of the latin name petrus, which is a form of the greek name petros (πέτρος). It is also the english spelling of the similar arabic derived name faris (name). “ (a man of) iron,” from the latin ferrum, iron.

Ferris As A Boys' Name Is Of Irish And Gaelic Origin, And The Meaning Of Ferris Is Rock.

Name ferris in the irish, scottish origin, means one who makes the best choices. Anglicized spelling of phiarais, of piaras, a gaelic form of.web Dig into our huge database of 70,000+ baby names for that one perfect pick ferris name.web

Pronounce Ferris [ 2 Syll.

The baby boy name ferris is of irish origin. The ferris surname comes from the irish gaelic ó fearghuis or ó fearghasa, meaning descendant of fearghus, a gaelic personal name composed of the elements fear,.web Explore the name ferris, its origin, popularity, meaning and variations.

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The meaning of ferris is 'rock' and it is of english origin. Ferris is an english and irish name of irish.web What is the meaning of the name ferris?