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Meaning Of Name Fitz. Web fitz name meaning gender: It is also of irish origin, where its meaning is son of the king.

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The short form of names beginning. Web what is the meaning of the name fitz the name fitz is commonly a male name from the french origin that means son. Web fitz name meaning and origin what does fitz mean?

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It symbolizes a proud legacy and heritage, often associated with noble families and. Web fitz name meaning gender: Web meaning of the name fitz.

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Find out the meaning of this name and more here! English meaning the name fitz is a french baby name. Web the name fitz is a boy’s name of scottish origin meaning son of.

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It is of old french origin, and the meaning of fitz is son of. Web what is the meaning of the name fitz? Web other popular names beginning with f names with similar meaning as fitz popular songs on the name fitz acrostic poem on fitz fitz’s zodiac sign and.

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Web baby names fitz by emma lawler senior content writer updated may 16, 2023 popularity: Add to favorites what does fitz mean? Son of much like mac, fitz is a name.

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Web the name fitz is an english baby name. Web what does the name fitz mean? According to a user from canada, the name fitz means son of the king.