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Meaning Of Name Ittai. Origin and meaning of ittai user submitted origins.web The name can also be written:

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What the name ittai means: Important figures, ideas of associated names as well as the evolution of births of babies bearing this name.web In the old testament this is the name of one of king david ‘s.web

It Means That This Name Is Commonly Used.

Ittai is an alternate spelling of itai (hebrew). Ittai as a name for boys is of hebrew origin, and the name ittai means the lord is with me. Ittai is a boy’s name of hebrew origin.

Ittai Is A Beautiful Name For Boys That Has Hebrew Origin.

The name ittai evokes desire, openness and perfectionism.web What the name ittai means: The name ittai means near, with the lord and is of biblical origin.

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Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. What is the meaning of ittai name? It means that this name is rarely used.

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Its meaning, the lord is with me, reflects the religious connotations often associated.web Common questions & answers for ittai name q: Ittai is baby boy name.

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There are multiple entries for this name…. The ittai name meaning is loving change, enthusiasm, reliability. Meaning of ittai is the lord is with me.