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Meaning Of Name Jairo. Meaning:* this name derives from the hebrew name “yâ’ı̂yr,” meaning “yhwh will lighten, yhwh will awaken, he. Variant of the hebrew jairus.

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See what 2 people think about jairo. It is of spanish origin. Web spanish baby names meaning:

It Is Used Largely In The English And Spanish Languages.

It is derived from the name jair, which means “he shines” or “enlightened.” in the bible, jair was a judge of israel who ruled. Sacred name 17% this week. Web jairo is the spanish equivalent of jair which is a hebrew name meaning “he shines” jair shows up in the bible, in the old testament (numbers) as the son of manasseh which.

Web The Name Jairo Is Of Spanish Origin And The Meaning Of Jairo Is ‘He Shines’.

Name jairo is of spanish origin and is a boy name. In spanish baby names the meaning of the name jairo is: Web jairo is a spanish version of the hebrew name ‘jair’, which means ‘he enlightens or he shines’.

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Jairo meaning, jairo popularity, jairo hieroglyphics, jairo numerology, and other interesting facts. Web baby boy names. Web the baby boy name jairo is of hebrew origin.

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Jairo has its origins in the hebrew language. Variant of the hebrew jairus 'jehovah enlightens. Variant of the hebrew jairus.

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Cherished jairo largely is used in spanish is a boy name. What is the meaning of the. Web jairo is a name with hebrew origins.