Meaning Of Name Jolie

Meaning Of Name Jolie. Jolie rickman is an american.web The baby girl name jolie is of french origin.


The meaning of the name jolie is: Magazine interview, the actress and.web Jolie rickman is an american.web

The Name Derives From The French Word Joli, Jolif Which In Turn Derives From The Latin Gaudēre > Gaudĕo, Meaning Joy, Contentment, Enjoyment, Expressions Of Joy, Pleasure, Satisfaction.

Jolie originates in french language and means lovely girl. 12 rows jolie comes from the french word for ‘pretty’ and has recently been adopted into a girl’s given name. In english, jolie means “pretty” or “beautiful.” it is a name that connotes charm, elegance, and attractiveness.

The Name Jolie Is A Girl's Name Of French Origin Meaning Pretty.

Jolie is a female given name of french origin, and its meaning is pretty. A user from ohio, u.s. In french baby names the meaning of the name jolie is:

Notable People With The Name Include:

Jolie is also a surname. It is pronounced /ʒoʊˈliː/ or /dʒoʊˈliː/. It was popularized by the american actress angelina jolie, originally born angelina jolie voight, so her surname.web

Says The Name Jolie Is Of French Origin And Means It Mean Pretty.

American names, celebrity names, english names, movie star names, virtue names used in: The meaning of the name jolie is: Nowadays it is also seen as a girls’ name, via angelina for whom jolie was originally her middle name.

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Jolie rickman is an american.web It also has a powerful symbolism of communication, discipline, service and beauty. French, english and latin usage: