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Meaning Of Name Julie. Web what does julie mean? Web in french baby names the meaning of the name julie is:

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Web what does julie mean? Julie name numerological number is : Web 12 rows julie is the french form of julia, but is also used as a pet form of juliana and juliette.

Person With Name Julie Has Following Quality:

Web what does julie mean? Julie was popular from the 1950’s to 1980’s but has been replaced by juliette. Log in to save this name to your favorites.

It Is Also Believed To Symbolize A Person Who Is Highly Intuitive And In.

Web the meaning of the name “julie” is: Web what is the meaning of the name julie? The name julie is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of french origin meaning.

Web The Name Julie Is Associated With Qualities Such As Youthfulness, Vitality, And Playfulness.

Web by brynn mckeon. Web learn how the name julie evokes perfectionism, agreeableness and politeness, and what it means for your life lesson, challenge, spirituality, numerology,. The name julie is primarily a female name of french origin that means youthful, downy.

Web In French Baby Names The Meaning Of The Name Julie Is:

Detailed information about the name julie. Web julie is a french, danish, norwegian and czech form of julia, a roman name meaning youthful, natural and wholesome. Julie is a female given name that has its.

Julie Is A Popular Girl.

It is a variation of julius, the child of the roman god jove. Web what does the name julie mean? Pronunciation of the name julie.