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Meaning Of Name Keiko. Responsible, protective, stable, balanced, loving, compassionate. English speaking countries, japanese speaking countries gender:

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There are 44 variations of meanings according to kanji in japanese. The name keiko has a rich and fascinating history. Keiko popularity 1508 nameberry 2023 20.web

From Japanese 慶 ( Kei) Meaning Celebrate, 敬 ( Kei) Meaning Respect, 啓 ( Kei) Meaning Open, Begin Or 恵 ( Kei) Meaning Favour,.Web

Blessed child and is of japanese origin. The name keiko is a girl's name of japanese origin, meaning happy child.web What is the meaning of the name keiko?

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Names that rhyme with keiko how popular is the name keiko? Brimming with unbridled optimism, keiko is a feminine name of japanese origin often.web Great names for little feet to grow on for name starts with ends with contains meaning names search by name super.web

The Name Keiko Has A Joyful And Optimistic Meaning, Making It A Popular Choice For Parents Who Want To Give Their Baby Girl A Name That Represents Happiness And.web

The name keiko is a girl's name of japanese origin meaning happy child. Name keiko in the japanese origin, means keiko means child that is celebrate and respected. Says the name keiko means happy child;

Indigo The Color Indigo Is The Color Of Intuition And Perception And Is Helpful In Opening The Third Eye.web

The name keiko is of japanese origin. In japan, it has been used for centuries and carries a sense of tradition and heritage. The meaning of keiko is blessed child;

The Name Keiko Has A Rich And Fascinating History.

Keiko's meaning is blessed child. This name is popular in peru, the russian.web The name keiko is primarily a female name of japanese origin that means blessed, child.web