Meaning Of Name Lars

Meaning Of Name Lars. Lars means “from laurentum” (an ancient italian city) and. Lars is generally used as a boy's name.

Lars Meaning of Name

Lars means “from laurentum” (an ancient italian city) and. Laurus > laurentum > laurentĭus. Web the name lars is primarily a male name of scandinavian origin that means person from laurentum.

The Name Lars Attracts Quickness, Compassion And Humour.

Lars means from the city of laurentum. You are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking. Laurus > laurentum > laurentĭus.

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Can also be interpreted as the english version of the irish name. Web the meaning of the boy name lars is laurel. 3913th in the usa (top 15%) origin(s) for lars:

The Name Lars Is Usually Given To A Boy.

Name lars is of latin, scandinavian origin and is a boy name. Name lars in the latin, scandinavian origin, means a thriumphant, victorius one. People who like the name lars also like:

Web Lars Is A Swedish Name And Derived From The Latin Name Laurentius.

Web the name lars is of scandinavian origin. Web the meaning of the name “lars” is: Meaning:* this name derives from the latin “laurentum” (wreathed/crowned with laurel),.

Lars Means “From Laurentum” (An Ancient Italian City) And.

What does the name lars mean? A homonymous etruscan name was borne by several etruscan kings, and later used as a last name by the roman lartia family. Web what does lars mean?