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Meaning Of Name Levin. In the jewish variant (a form of levy) it is derivative of one of the 12 jewish biblical tribes, the tribe of levi ,. It means “united, joined,” or,.

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A variant of levi, this name translates to “joined,” and refers to the important biblical figure of the same. Mostly as a surname, is a top 100 boys’ name in germany. Levin, known in the u.s.

In The Jewish Variant (A Form Of Levy) It Is Derivative Of One Of The 12 Jewish Biblical Tribes, The Tribe Of Levi ,.

It means “united, joined,” or,. What is the meaning of the name levin? Web what does levin mean?

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Name levin in the german, hebrew origin, means person with a kind heart. It belongs to hebrew and german origins where the meaning of levin is ‘joined’, ‘heart’, and. What is the meaning of the name levin?

Web Levin Also Derived From The Hebrew Name Levi And Is A Yiddish Diminutive Of Lion.

Jewish (ashkenazic) and german : Web it is a common ashkenazi jewish surname (levine/levin/levi). Web it is a modern german version of the old english name leofwine or the old german leobwin or liebwin, meaning dear friend. dutch variants include lieven and lievin.

Desirable And Evergreen Unisex Name Levin Is Mostly Used In English, Finnish, Norwegian, Low German, Danish, Swedish And German Has Its Origin.

Web family name origins & meanings. What does the name levin mean?. Web levin as a boys' name is of hebrew origin, and levin means joined.

Levin Is Of Hebrew Origin And It Is.

Levin, known in the u.s. It is more often used as a boy (male) name. Levin, of hebrew origin, is not a popular first name.