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Meaning Of Name Maha. Pronunciation of the name maha the pronunciation of the. Maha means a lady with beautiful.

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Web maha name meaning: The term’s association with grandeur can be seen in various religious. Maha means a piece of moon.

Pronunciation Of The Name Maha The Pronunciation Of The.

Aham, hama, amah anagrams : Maha rashi is simha & nakshatra is magha. The name maha is primarily a female name of arabic origin that means beautiful.

Web Maha Is A Girl Name, Meaning Shining, Oryx In Lebanese Origin.

Maha is a beautiful name for girls that has arabic origin. They also love children & pets. What makes it special the name maha conjures persuasion, recognition and comradeship.

Web The Name Maha Is Commonly A Female Name From The Arabic Origin That Means Beautiful Eyes.

The oryx is a variety of antelope that is said to represent beauty. Web unfamiliar maha's origin is arabic bestowed upon both genders, meaning of maha is gazelle,. Web derived from the sanskrit language, maha signifies greatness, magnificence, and abundance.

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Over 1697 people have been named maha in united states. Meaning, usage and numerology interpretation. The term’s association with grandeur can be seen in various religious.

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Maha it means rose in arabic,lady with beutiful eyes in african. Web maha is baby girl name & meaning large eyes, moon like. The wild deer — or the arabian oryx antelope, which is identified with the word mahā in some sources — has been traditionally celebrated in arabic poetry for the beauty of its eyes.