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Meaning Of Name Norma. Web meaning & history. It represents strength, power, and.

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He may have based it on latin norma rule. Web norma means “northwoman” (from old high german “nord” = north + “man” = man). Norma rashi is vruschika & nakshatra is jyeshtha.

Translating To “The Standard” Or “The.

What is the meaning of the name norma? Man from the north latin meaning: Web norma what does the name norma mean?

What Makes It Different The Name Norma Invokes Reliability, Reservation And Persistence.

The different meanings of the name norma are: People having the name norma are in general originating. Web meaning & history.

The Name Of The Opera May Derived From Latin “Norma” Meaning “Rule”.

Web what does the name norma mean? Norma meaning, norma popularity, norma hieroglyphics, norma numerology, and other interesting facts. Name norma in the english origin, means who hails from the northern region.

Web Norma Means “Northwoman” (From Old High German “Nord” = North + “Man” = Man).

Web with mylo's baby name finder, you can learn more about the meaning of the name norma as well as its synonyms, religion, numerology, and other details. He may have based it on latin norma rule. Web norma name meaning:

Invented For The Opera Norma By Bellini Set In Druidic Gaul In 50 Bc.

Web conclusion of the spiritual meaning of the name norma. Norma is used mostly in the. Web norma means patten, rule and is of latin origin.