Meaning Of Name Nysa

Meaning Of Name Nysa. Nysa is a girl's name.web Share the meaning of nysa is :

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Nysa is a girl’s name.web 11,541st in the usa (top 40%) origin(s) for nysa: In greek origin the meaning of name nysa is :

New Beginning, Special (Celebrity Name:.web

In greek baby names the meaning of the name nysa is: Kajol), the followers of the islamic prophet mohammad. According to a user from india, the name nysa means goal special.

The Meaning Of The Girl Name Nysa Is Goal.

Goal, beginning, new beginning, special (celebrity name: 5 person with name nysa has following quality: Nysa is a feminine name of greek origin, derived from the name of an ancient greek.web

Nysa Name Meaning Name :

The name nysa is primarily a female name of greek origin that means lame. Numerology nysa name numerological number is : A user from india says the name nysa is of indian (sanskrit) origin and means spiritual and a.web

Meaning Of The Name Nysa The Name Nysa Is Usually Given To A Girl.

What is the meaning of the name nysa? Share the meaning of nysa is : The origin of the name.web

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Meaning “goal” or “ambition,” this name is a wonderful reminder for baby to chase their dreams no matter what. Nysa is a girl's name.web New beginning, special (celebrity name: