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Meaning Of Name Qasim. Qasim is a boy’s name, arabic in origin and said to mean ‘generous’. Web 7 rows about qasim.

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Qasim is a boy’s name, arabic in origin and said to mean ‘generous’. Arabic names, muslim names used in: Web qasim, qazeem or qasem is the transliteration of the male given name (arabic:

Web Qasim Is A Muslim Boy Name With Shia Origins.

The name qasim is usually given to a boy. Web all about the name qasim : Name qasim in the arabic origin, means.

Web The Name Qasim Is Of Arabic Origin And Means “Divider” Or “Distributor.” Qasim Is Derived From The Root Word “Qasama,” Which Means To Divide Or Distribute.

It comes from the arabic word ‘qasama’ which means to share. Remind baby that it’s better to give than to receive with a name like qasim. People having the name qasim are in general originating from.

“Dispenser Of Food And Goods;

Web the meaning of the boy name qasim is divider. Important figures, ideas of associated names as well as the evolution of births of babies bearing this name. Both names can also be used as surnames.

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Web the meaning of the name “qasim” is: Web the name qasim is boy's name of arabic origin meaning charitable, generous. Qasim, of arabic origin, is a popular first name.

قاسم, Qāsim), Pronounced With A Long First Syllable.

There is an occasional variant spelling, (arabic: Web qasim meaning of the name qasim:. Web the baby boy name qasim is of arabic origin.