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Meaning Of Name Said. Web the name said is of arabic origin. Used in africa, and popular in arabic countries.

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Says the name said means. With a fleet of uplifting endearments such as “blessed,” “good luck,” “joy,” and. It is of arabic origin, and the importance of saida is huntress;

Web The Name Said Is A Boy's Name Meaning Happy, Lucky.

A submission from california, u.s. Said is used chiefly in the arabic language and it is also. The lesser uncommon form of the name saʽid is suʽid (سُعِيد suʽīd) and the feminine form of t…

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Web the name said is primarily a male name of arabic origin that means happy, lucky. Said is generally used as a boy's name. And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, happy, lucky.

The Origin Of The Name Lies In Arabic.

Web the meaning of the name said is closely linked to his personality, since it endows people who have said name with joy and merriment. Origin of the name said said is a name of. The maltese surname “said” has the same origin but has been borne by latin.