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Meaning Of Name Wells. The meaning can be derived as the roman god neptune as “sea god”. Wells is a name that.

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Web the meaning of the unisex name wells is lives by the spring. Web the meaning of the name “wells” is: The meaning can be derived as the roman god neptune as “sea god”.

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It arrived in england with the norman conquest of 1066. Web usage english pronounced welz [ key · ipa] meaning & history from an english surname that originally denoted a person who lived near a well or spring, from middle english. Web the name wells is derived from the old english word “waella,” meaning “well” or “spring.” in middle english, the word was spelled “welle,” and it referred to a.

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# 466 in the us. With an argumentative writing style, it is essential to explore the depths of the name’s meaning. From the spring or well”.

Habitational Name From Any Of Several Places Named With The Plural Of Old English Well(A) ‘Spring’, ‘Stream’, Or A Topopgraphical Name From This Word (In Its Plural Form), For Example Wells In

English surname meaning spring. either referring to the person responsible for a village's spring or who lived by the spring. Wells is an old english surname of norman origin but is possibly a welsh surname, from an old english word for wales. Wells is also the name of a.

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Wells is a name that. Luminous yet refined, the name is a great blend of character and flair. It is said that the origin is sometimes derived from roman britain or roman empire because the city of wells.