Meaning Of Name Zita

Meaning Of Name Zita. In greek, the word means' the hunter'. What is the meaning of the name zita the name zita is commonly a female name from the native american origin that means little rose;

Zita Name Meaning Unlock The Secrets

Zitta is a female given name. And we are pleased to let you know that we found the meaning of your name, the seeker. The name of the last hapsburg empress.

This Analysis Will Differ From Child To Child.web

This name is associated with the flower rose. Italian meaning of zita classmate finder find family tree free dating sites gender: Rating 1 2 3 4 5 be the first one to vote!

And We Are Pleased To Let You Know That We Found The Meaning Of Your Name, The Seeker.

The meaning of the name zita is a seeker in life. Some sources, though, attribute this.web In greek baby names the.web

Zita Means “Young Girl” In Italian And “Good Luck”, “Fortune” (From Felizitas ).Web

The name zita conjures agreeableness, proactivity and enthusiasm. Zita meaning, zita popularity, zita hieroglyphics, zita numerology, and other interesting facts. Log in to save this name to your favorites.

Zitta Is A Female Given Name.

Great names for little feet to grow on.web Zita 1 f italian, portuguese, german, czech, slovak, lithuanian, latvian. It is of greek origin, and the meaning of zita is seeker.

Zita, Of Basque Origin, Is A Popular First Name.

Zita is an italian name and a short form of felizitas. The meaning of zita is seeker,.web People having the name zita are in general originating from austria, belgium,.web