Meaning Of The Name Aditya

Meaning Of The Name Aditya. This name will draw in people who are refined and energetic, moreover, one needs to be careful about indiscreet and defensive. Web what does the name aditya mean?

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Web what is the meaning of the name aditya? Updated sat dec 02 2023. Name aditya in the indian origin, means lord of the sun.

Meaning:* The Name Means “Belonging To Aditi”.

Updated sat dec 02 2023. It is also another name for the sun god. Learn more with our free.

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Web what does the name aditya mean? Web aditya as a boys’ name is of sanskrit origin, and the meaning of aditya is the sun. Hindu , sanskrit , tamil , bengali , punjabi.

Web The Name Aditya Symbolizes The Qualities Of Strength, Power, And Light.

Web what is the meaning of aditya? Meaning of aditya is lord surya, the sun,. The name aditya is a boy's name.

Your Name Is Your Destiny, Heart’s Desire, And Personality.

Web secret meaning of aditya. Generally, adityas are twelve in number and consists of vivasvan, aryaman, tvashta, savitr, bhaga, dhata, mitra, varuna, amsa, pushan, indra and vishnu (in the form of vamana). Aditya is one of the hindu.

It Is A Name That Represents The Endless Potential That Lies Within Each One Of Us, As Well As.

Name aditya is of indian origin and is a boy name. , aaditya , adhavan , adhitya , adithya ,. Origin and meaning of aditya.