Meaning Of The Name Adrianna

Meaning Of The Name Adrianna. Web adrianna is a girl's name of latin origin. Web what does adrianna mean?

Adrianna Name, Meaning, Origin, History, And Popularity

French feminine variant spelling of. Web adrianna is a girl’s name of latin origin. Web adrianna name meaning and origin.

French Feminine Variant Spelling Of.

It is the female variant of adrian, which means from hadria, an ancient city in italy. Web the meaning of the name “adrianna” is: Hadria is an ancient city in northern italy that was located on the.

Web Adrianna Is A Latin Name That Means “Person From Hadria,” Which Was An Ancient City In Italy.

The name comes from the latin hadrianus. It is a feminine form of adrian, formerly spelt. Web origin and meaning of name adrianna.

Web Adrianna Is A Girl's Name Meaning Man Of Adria.

It also can mean 'dark'. Name adrianna is of latin origin and is a unisex name. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more.

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From adria, the adriatic sea region. german english french spanish portuguese dutch . Web a submission from ohio, u.s.

Name Adrianna In The Latin Origin, Means From Harida.

Web in french baby names the meaning of the name adrianna is: Web girl baby names. Adrianna has its origins in the.