Meaning Of The Name Bernie

Meaning Of The Name Bernie. It is of germanic and greek origin and comes from the following roots: Bernarda originates in germanic languages.

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Bernie meaning of the name bernie:. Strong and brave bear bernie is gender neutral name of german origin. Less than 5 girls were given the name.web

Bernie Abrahms, General Hospital Character Bernie Ebbers, Former Worldcom Chief Executive Officer Bernie Ecclestone (Born 1930),.Web

Bernie is a diminutive of bernard, bernarda, bernadette or bernice. They influence of friendliness and cooperation. In german baby names the meaning of the name bernie is:

Bernie Has Its Origins In The Old Greek And Germanic Languages.

Name bernie in the french origin, means derived from bernard. Bernarda originates in germanic languages. Bernie is a diminutive (english) of the english,.web

Persons Relate To Balance And Instinct.

A saint bernard is a very family friendly breed of dog, they are perhaps most famous for their work in at the great saint bernards pass in.web The name bernie is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning strong; Related names family tree · details variants barney, bernetta, berny, birdie, bunny diminutive.web

Less Than 5 Girls Were Given The Name.

This—quite frankly, adorable—name means strong and brave bear, and will be.web Bernie is a given name, and may refer to: Bernie is an alternate spelling of bern (old german):

Bernie As A Girls' Name (Also Used As Boys' Name Bernie) Is Of Greek Origin, And The Name Bernie Means Victory Bringer;

In scandinavian baby names the meaning of the.web What is the meaning of the name bernie? Bernie is a version of berenice.web