Meaning Of The Name Cece

Meaning Of The Name Cece. Cece is a feminine name. The origin of the name.

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In this article, we will delve into the meaning, popularity, historical. The name cece is usually given to a girl. Says the name cece is of french origin and means strong, courageous.

The Origin Of The Name.

Cece meaning, cece popularity, cece hieroglyphics, cece numerology, and other interesting facts. People having the name cece are in general originating from ireland, united. Web what is the meaning of the name cece?

Cece Is Rarely Used As A Baby Name For Boys.

It is typically a shortened form of longer names beginning with the letter “c,” such as cecilia or celeste. Web the baby girl name cece is of english origin. The name is a derivative of the name caecilia, which itself is derived from the latin word ‘caecus’.

Web The Name Cece Is Of English Origin.

Cece, of latin origin, is a popular first name. Find the complete details of cece name on. Web the meaning of cece is 'blind one' or 'blind to one's own beauty' in latin.

The Name Became Popular Because It Was The Name Of Jim And Pam’s Baby In The Us.

The name cece is primarily a female name of latin origin that means blind. See also the related category latin. Nickname for cecile or cecilia people.

In Addition, Cece Is An English And Latin Form Of The English, Finnish, German, Italian, Scandinavian, And Spanish Cecilia.

It is more often used as a girl (female) name. This first name is on. Web cece is derived from latin origins.