Meaning Of The Name Chiara

Meaning Of The Name Chiara. Web this name derives from the imperial latin word “clàrus,” meaning “clear, bright, famous, illustrious one.” in english, originally in the form “clare,” the name is in use since the. People who like the name chiara.

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Simply meaning bright and luminous, use this sunny name as a constant reminder of baby’s smile, her future, or. So, one interpretation of the name kiara is that it also. Web the name chiara is a girl’s name of italian origin meaning light, clear.

People Who Like The Name Chiara.

Chiara, of latin origin, is a popular first name. Saint chiara of assisi is. Chiara is a latin girl name, which has 6 letters.

What Is The Origin Of The Name Chiara?

You might consider chiara instead of claire, clara, cara, or even keira. A user from italy says the name chiara is of latin origin and means it. Chiara is an italian name originating from the latin clarus meaning ‘clear’,.

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What does the name chiara mean? Web what does the name chiara mean? The meaning of chiara comes from the latin word 'clarus', translating to 'famous', 'bright', 'light', 'illustrious', 'clear'.

Simply Meaning Bright And Luminous, Use This Sunny Name As A Constant Reminder Of Baby's Smile, Her Future, Or.

Web chiara, in turn, is the italian form of the names clare or clara. Name of several italian saints, most notably clare of assisi (13th century), and. It is more often used as a girl (female) name.

In Irish The Meaning Of The Name Chiara Is:

Web the name chiara is the italian variant for a woman who possesses light and brightness. it comes from the latin clarus, meaning 'clarity'. Web meaning of the name chiara the name chiara is usually given to a girl. Web chiara is a ♀ girl’s name.