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Meaning Of The Name Cornelia. It is derived from cornuwhich means 'horn' ; Web in the 2nd century bc it was borne by cornelia scipionis africana (the daughter of the military hero scipio africanus), the mother of the two reformers known as.

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Web cornelia the meaning & origin of the name cornelia. In ancient rome, cornelia was considered the paragon of womanly virtue, making it a handsome name with an excellent pedigree. Cornelia is primarily considered for baby girl names names.

Cornelia Is A Female Name Of Latin Origin Meaning “Horn” Or “Cornel Tree”.

It is a feminine form of cornelius. A feminine form of cornelius. Web in new gag order, donald trump cannot comment on the testimony of likely witnesses, but he can single out special counsel jack smith, the u.s.

Web What Does The Name Cornelia Mean?

People who like the name cornelia also like: Web it denotes a pattern that assists you in growth and development: Web the name cornelia means ‘war horn’.

Cornelia Is A Feminine Given Name.

Feminine of the roman family name. german english . Web the name cornelia is primarily a female name of latin origin that means feminine form of cornelius.

Web The Meaning Of Cornelia Is 'Horn' And Is A Derivative Of The Name Cornelius.

The name developed as a latin feminine version of the old roman surname. Web in american baby names the meaning of the name cornelia is: Cornelia means “of the cornelius family” and “horn” (from latin “cornu”).

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Web what does the name cornelia mean? It's rare today, so if you want a name no. Conny, connie, nele, or neele are popular german short forms used in their own right.