Meaning Of The Name Eliot

Meaning Of The Name Eliot. People with name eliot are usually christianity by. Some sources claim it may be derived from a french form of elias, which is itself derived from the biblical name elijah.

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E liot as a name for boys is of hebrew derivation, and the meaning of the name eliot is jehovah is god. The greek form of the hebrew elijah, elliot is a name meaning “jehovah is. Eliot is generally used as a boy’s name.

People With Name Eliot Are Usually Christianity By.

A submission from wisconsin, u.s. Web the name elliott is also of hebrew origin and means either “high” or “jehovah is god.” it is not only a variation of the name elliot, but it is also an english. People having the name eliot are in general originating from.

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It is a variant spelling of the more common elliot. Name eliot is of welsh origin and is a boy name. Says the name eliot means the lord is my.

It Is More Often Used As A Boy (Male) Name.

Eliot is generally used as a boy's name. Web the meaning of the name “eliot” is: Web eliot name meaning what does eliot mean and history?

From A Surname That Was A Variant Of Elliott.

From the hebrew eliyahu , meaning “my god is yahweh”, with “yahweh” being the ancient hebrew name for god. Web a user from iowa, u.s. “my god is the lord”.

Name Eliot In The Welsh Origin, Means An Old Welshman.

Eliot is primarily used in the english language, and it is. Web the name eliot is usually given to a boy. Eliot is a version of elias (greek, hebrew).