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Meaning Of The Name Fae. Pronunciation of fae german english french spanish .web Fae is english, french given name meaning fae is a name of scottish origin.

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In english baby names the meaning of the name fae is: What is the meaning of the name fae? Fae is an english name of old english origin.

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A confident woman who believes in herself origin english,french gender girl fae: As the name traveled through time and.web The meaning of fae is fairy.

Fae Is A Spelling Variant Of The English Name Faye.

Fae means stingray and is of french origin. The name fae is a girl’s name. A submission from the united kingdom says the name fae means old english spelling of fairy.

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In french baby names the meaning of the name fae is: According to a user from georgia, u.s., the name fae means fairy or elf. F ae as a girls' name is a middle english name, and the name fae means belief;

Fae Is An Alternate Spelling Of Faith (Middle English).

English meaning the name fae is an american baby name. The name fae is primarily a female name of french origin that means fairy or elf. The different meanings of the name fae are:

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Discover what yellow means and how it manifests in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. The name fae is an english baby name. What does the name fae mean?