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Meaning Of The Name Gita. Web login subscribe now home games & quizzes history & society science & tech biographies animals & nature geography & travel arts & culture money videos the. It is also of persian origin, where its meaning is a kind of song.

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Web what does the name gita mean? It is also of persian origin, where its meaning is a kind of song. Individualistic, determined, pioneering, bold, athletic,.

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Popularity of the name gita in 39 countries, origin and meaning of the name gita It is closely associated with the religious and philosophical text, the bhagavad gita. The name carries connotations of musicality, beauty, and artistic expression.

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Bhagavadgītā meaning:* this name derives from the sanskrit “bhagavadgītā”, meaning “kind of song, divine song”. Web the name geeta is ranked on the 3,064th position of the most used names. Web gita means song;

Gita 2 F Czech, Latvian.

Web all information about the first name gita. And is of persian origin. Web the growth number corresponding to this first name is 1.

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Web the name gita has several different meanings. The name gita is primarily a female name of indian origin that means song. Web the name gita is of hindi origin.